Ross Lohan

Warning: this is a strict #NoBasicZone.

I, Ross, live vicariously through pop stars and reality TV because my existence is somewhat overshadowed by my namesake. However, it is my goal in life to surpass LiLo’s status and earn a coveted spot on Rihanna’s annual summer yacht vacations.

 Above all, I’m a pop music fanatic and have a thing for pop’s bad girls – who am I to call them bitches? – as you’ll soon learn.

Keep it cute.


Ross Lohan is a writer and dancer studying at the University of Strathclyde in the UK. It is yet to be confirmed whether he is blood related to Lindsay or not as she keeps turning up late for DNA tests. In the meantime, you can follow him on TwitterInstagram or Vine, where he frequently embarrasses himself purely for his own entertainment.


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